Helping Falcon Fuel boost their automation processes


Falcon Fuel is a heating oil distributor based in New Jersey that trades heaters, air conditioners and heating oil to homeowners, commercial fleets, municipalities and government agencies. They partnered with us for a Full Product Development project, aiming to use technology to make their business grow.

Four Dreamcode developers worked for Falcon Fuel, during a three-month period, implementing a bot to improve the ordering process for Falcon Fuel’s clients. The team also deployed a mobile app for Falcon Fuel’s distributor partners, to get notified when orders were placed, allowing them to deliver the oil in a timely manner.


Falcon Fuel wanted to expand their services all over New Jersey. Their personnel level was limited and they wanted to refine and optimize logistics. To do this, they applied the concept of “collaborative communities”, where Falcon Fuel works with contractors who deliver the oil throughout the state of New Jersey,

‍Falcon Fuel’s main goal and challenge was to create a mobile app that connects customers to contractors and make the order and the delivery process easier and faster


Dreamcode and Falcon Fuel decided to implement two tech innovations. The first one was a mobile app, with geocalization, to improve contractors’ delivery time and efficiency. Once someone places an oil order, a contractor is notified instantly based on his/her location. A second innovation was proposed by Dreamcode: incorporate a bot for easy delivery scheduling.  Through a software system, the bot was connected to Amazon’s Dash button; customers pressed the button when they needed to order, and a webapp link to schedule the delivery was immediately sent to their WhatsApp. With this system, customers are also able to schedule deliveries on Falcon Fuel’s website. They receive a link from the webapp on their WhatsApp to facilitate appointment modifications.

During the building process Dreamcode held a focus group with current clients to test the  bot functionality and user experience.


After the implementation of the mobile app and the bot, Falcon Fuel started operations all over NJ, increasing brand awareness and revenue.

Additionally, Falcon Fuel tripled the number of customers they served, with the mobile app and the bot, in NJ. They were also able to improve their logistics and decrease the risks that could have affected their growth if proper logistic processes were not in place.

Falcon Fuel sees the software development efforts as an investment on their brand.

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