Staff Augmentation

Do you need to add skilled developers to your in-house team? 

Add extra talent to your team, on a short or long term basis. No matter where you are located, our developers will work and collaborate with your team remotely, in your time zone. 

Hire a Developer
Hire a developer
Experienced in
Elizabeth Alcalá, Lima, Perú
Mid-to-Senior Front End Developer

Skilled in
Python, Nodejs
C++, AWS and
React Native
Ricardo Morillo, Mexico City
Mid-to-Senior Full Stack Engineer
Specialized in
PHP, Lavarel
and Python
Daniel Sifontes, Quito, Ecuador
Mid-to-Senior Full Stack Engineer

Staff Augmentation Service Perks

Team Stability

To prevent knowledge-loss and encourage team stability, we strive to maintain the same team members working for you. 

Don’t worry about HR

Save time and money on HR! We do the hiring and manage all the legal processes. 


We work with organizations ranging from startups to mid enterprises, meaning adaptability is no issue for us.

World-class talent

Our developers are trained in a variety of tech stacks, cyber security standards and  possess skills that go beyond programming.

How it works?

Free Consultation:

Have a call with one of our development directors to understand your staff  augmentation needs and get to know Dreamcode.

Interview our Developers:

Team synergy is important, which is why you can interview our developers to determine who is the best fit for your team.


After assessing your staff augmentation needs, we prepare a budget-friendly, customized proposal.

No-risk trial:

Once the proposal is approved, our team quickly gets up to speed! If you are not happy with our work, the first week is free!

Account Manager Support:

With long term staff augmentation, we continue boosting your projects. If you chose the short term service, we offer support after-launch to ensure great functionality.

“Dreamcode is a much more affordable option than hiring in-house developers. They helped us migrate to a serverless infrastructure, decreasing our costs and downtime. Collaboration and implementation was easy thanks to their flexibility and similar time zone!” 

Matthew Strover

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