Enhancing customer experience for Hyundai, a worldwide leader in automotive manufacturing


Hyundai, a multinational automotive manufacturer, was looking to improve the customer service experience while reducing the costs associated with hiring representatives, all in the Ecuadorian market. To do this, they wanted to implement a bot that provided relevant and timely information to clients who are looking for assistance; basing all responses on feedback from customer service representatives.  

Hyundai worked with Dreamcode on a Full Product Development basis. As partners, we built a WhatsApp bot. The final goal was to generate automatic but precise replies, and to connect the client to a human representative if the problem was too complex. Four Dreamcode developers worked on this project, during a three-month period.


Hyundai’s main challenge was implementing a WhatsApp bot to cut costs from the customer service center, without risking the quality of the customer service offered. Hyundai introduced a bot that could assist in mostly all activities, from booking a car test drive to receiving an automatic reminder when the client is reaching the mileage limit to schedule a car maintenance service.


Hyundai’s WhatsApp bot was programmed with a number of tasks that took into account the customer service representatives’ feedback and some extra features to remove manual activities. Using Natural Language Programming, the bot has a more conversational tone than the typical one, and is programmed to understand a number of words with the same significance. The Whatsapp bot was directly connected to customer service representatives to further assist clients directly through WhatsApp, or through call centers if the bot was not able to solve the issues on its own.  

The bot assists clients to schedule a car test drive, book an appointment with a sales advisor, provides information about accessories and pricing, delivers promotions, sends a reminder when the client is hitting a mileage limit to schedule a car maintenance service, sends an invoice PDF file, assists with complaints and car crash issues, and sends appointment reminders.

On the customer service representatives’ side, representatives also had access to an improved organization system, where they have access to previous conversations and client inquiries.


With the implementation of the bot Hyundai was able to precisely measure and report on their customer service efforts. They had access to the number of clients the bot served and the number of responses received, the average number of customers served in a specific time frame, the number of clients who have scheduled appointments, and much more!

Overall, Hyundai cut their customer service costs by 30% after the implementation of the WhatsApp bot. Additionally, customer satisfaction has risen due to the rapid and precise responses.

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