Most consumers won't download an app to communicate with you.

October 8, 2020
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61% of customers say they will not download a new app to communicate with a business (Zhipwhip). However, we are still seeing a large number of businesses launching apps with messaging functionalities.

It sounds like a brilliant idea, until customers are not willing to download your app. 

What is preventing customers from downloading and using your app, and how can you communicate with them as this issue persists? Keep on reading and discover what your business can do! 

What is preventing potential users from downloading or using your app? 

There are a number of issues both users and app creators face, that may be limiting your app from reaching its potential. 

1. Storage

Storage limitations. All mobile users know this too well! In fact, 53% of app users stopped using an app and deleted it to free up memory.

The app may require a lot of storage on a user’s phone, and potential users are not willing to sacrifice photos, videos and other precious content to download an app. ‍

2. App Familiarity

People often spend their time on the same apps, while other apps are often ignored or worse, deleted. Think about it, and you will realize you do this too.

21% of users actually never use an app again after the first use! Why? The app probably didn’t meet user expectations, weak UX/UI, users downloaded the app for a quick promotion and the purpose was fulfilled quickly and are no longer motivated to use it again. 

But the issue not only lies on the first day of download! 77% of app users never use an app again 72 hours after installing it! That is a pretty high number, which you probably didn’t see coming. ‍

3. Users forget about apps

On average, a user has 80 apps downloaded on their phones, and only uses half of them each month! Users often get bombarded with app notifications, which sometimes causes them to turn off notifications or simply delete the app. 

It is easy for customers to forget about an app because they already have a lot going on on their phones, 22% of app users stated this. A great app needs to have different functionalities, enhance user experience and offer benefits and rewards throughout the entire sales cycle to keep users coming back. ‍

4. App utility 

Users encounter that the app features are not the same as what was advertised. Often the app is not as useful as users thought, and they end up deleting and substituting it with a similar app that includes more functions or it is simply easier to use. 

The solution? 

Instead of investing on an app, approach and engage with your customers with what they are already using! Make it easier and convenient for them to reach out, and for you to provide them with all the information and assistance they need. We are talking about implementing a Whatsapp, Messenger or Alexa bot.

What is a bot? It is a software program encrypted in Whatsapp, Messenger or Alexa that allows you to communicate with customers as if the bot was a real person. 

Depending on how the bot is programmed, a bot can: 

The possibilities are endless!

This is how a bot looks like:

A bot allows you to engage with your customers in a personalized way, without asking too much from them. 

Want to implement a bot for your business? Contact us at

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